Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Typical Day At School

"Wake up! It's 6 o'clock! The bus will be here any minute.. You'll be late! "

The usual commotion witnessed everyday (except for weekends and those 'once in a blue moon' holidays).
The still dreaming student stumbles out of the bed,makes it to the bathroom and comes out a little revived. The breakfast isn't of his choice but one glance at the woman in the apron ... the plate is empty within seconds.

Honk HONK !!
The last! Grabbing the bag, the reluctant student rushes out of the house and is soon on the way to school. Only upon arriving at the school premises does he actually wake up (both mentally and physically).
Exchange of the latest news continues till the watchman rings the bell to the announce the start of the first period. There is great deal of noise as everyone hurries to his/her seats. After much screaming from the of that day's monitor,everyone is standing and ready to for the morning prayer. Just as the prayer slowly takes life, someone glances around or deliberately does something mischievous and everyone starts giggling.
On the other hand, everyone is solemn and religious when the presence of the teacher is there.
The first period is usually fun except for Tuesdays' when everyone prays for the History teacher's soul!! :P

Getting a free period now and then means a lot of merriment. When the Arabic teacher fails to come, the 'Arabic monitor' bosses around, showing unnecessary strength. Every few seconds, some one or the other goes into a fit of laughter and when you finally open your eyes, you'll find the monitor standing in front of you, glaring, which doesn't help either! It only causes the whole class to go into fits of laughter.
Tired of laughing, someone starts a game of 'truth or dare'. Soon everyone is busy stammering out the truth or working out the dares!

The school day gradually comes to an end with great many lessons learned, a few hundred jokes cracked and everyone feeling cheery with a grin plastered on their faces.
I will tell you this...
Going to school is lots of fun... whether you like the lessons or not. But I bet you surely love being with your friends for a total of 6 hours.. don't you?!
Well..I Do.. I love doing the lessons and being with people from different backgrounds at the same time.. I can't think of anything better than this in life..( Or can I?)

P.S.( I just wrote this down.. and now I am feeling really gloomy..I just can't wait to get back to school on Tuesday!!! History period or whatever ... I am going back!!! )