Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shopping in India

A man cannot live without shopping.That fact is quite true.No one can.

Try and find a person on earth who has never shopped,even for an apple.Maybe, in the thick regions of Amazon, the tribal people might never have heard a word like shopping but otherwise your search will be in vain.

What are the reasons for people to shop?Most common-for a thing that is needed at home,etc.But some people are just addicted to shopping.They just keep buying things that they never will nor want to use.There will be a lots of things that are unwanted in the wardrobe or on the kitchen shelves.A way of just wasting money,time as well as energy.

Shopping in India during monsoon seasons is a thing I detest.It's simply disgusting,when you have to wade through muddy pools of water and all of a sudden, a driver without much civic sense,splashes water on you.People ought to have some sense not to race during rainy days.

That all is okay,but the worst part about shopping during rainy season is that you struggle to hold th umbrella,at the same time the shopping bags.Maybe,a bag falls down during the struggle and all your money and shopping is down the drain.

Once,during the vacations last year, we(my sister and me) and a cousin sister decided to go shopping.

We set out on a Saturday,with our purses and umbrellas.Lucky for us,it was a sunny afternoon and there was not even a sign of a dark cloud in the sky.Chatting animatedly we started downhil.Soon we had spend most of our money jewellery shopping(artificial ofcourse!).
It was getting late,so homewards we started.

On the way,my sis suggested that eat bhel puri in some clean stall.We were overjoyed.(Even though we knew the consequences of eating out.)We ordered bhel puri and shev puri.Darn!...It was mighty spicy!
Now for the dessert.We ran out of money,so we decided to buy one cup of nutty fruitty.We all shared that Rs.15 cup!

The sun was setting behind the hills.It was beautiful ending to a wonderful day!


  1. yaaa i don really like unexpected rains !!! everyone loves rain and drizzle...awwww its fun !! bt when ur out ...and suddenly it starts raining...nt very preferable !!