Saturday, May 16, 2009

Exam Phobia

Exams are nearing once more...

Oh the tension
The Agony...
To have to mug up all those books and one yard long answers...
It had been a relief some time ago to know that exam were over...
But boo hoo!Here they are yet again.
The sleepless nights
The pressurised mind
The overload,the strain
I will explode soon
So will many others

Ain't these people got brains?
How can they pressurise us like this???
After exams too,are we happy?
The results are out and we are supposed to be celebrating...but instead we curse ourselves for losing those ,already lost marks.
I believe we still won't be happy even after exams are long over and we have 3 long months stretched before us to celebrate and enjoy...
Sigh...the hands typed these emotions and the computer converted them in legible language..
If you don't agree about this...please dont worry...These emotions are mine.

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