Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Holidays - Well spent?

Here we are approaching the end of summer hols and the beginning... no wait! Its the continuation of the school term! Alas.. three months flew by like lightning... and the horror approaches rapidly!

The first day is going to bring the most detested and the most frequently asked question - "What did you do this summer vacation?"
That's right.. everyone stifle the groans and pour out your good deeds of three months... i.e. if any! =P
Here I go.. about my (well spent?) hols :

Oh mon Dieu.. the beginning of the days when the sun was at its highest peak were just so HORRIBLE! The MOEW was facing some crisis and decided to spread horror across the country by cutting of the electricity! Imagine! Temperature soaring past 50 deg. C and no AC, no fan! With most fortunate fleeing the country at a time like this.. I was left without anyone to agonizingly complain to or share the experience with.. on the phone.

And my good deeds?
Under the category of extremely good deeds comes.. doing the homework regularly, studying a teeny weeny bit.. (and promptly suffering from memory loss) :D , sitting in front of the computer with the internet on 24 hours aaaaaaaand reading a hell lot of books! Being a voracious reader, I happened to read over 50 books this summer (and spoiled my eyes extra more :/ ) which I am going to mention below :

Animoprhs # by K.A.Appelgate - 54 books in total.
(Mind you, the author is a female! )
Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Mediator # by Meg Cabot - 6 books
(An excellent read .. 'cause I read the whole series thrice.)
James Bond by Ian Fleming - 14 books in total.
Princess Diaries # by Meg Cabot - 3 books
(10 books complete the series but unfortunately I stopped at 3.)

... Thats it I guess. Totally = 79 books?

Yeah right.. that's excluding my school books you see :|

And my so called other good deeds include 'trying' to write a hilarious story, a meaningful poem and creating a digital yearbook.. all of which are incomplete due to the sudden loss of interest! :P
Thats the end of my 'booooring' holidays and now getting back to my books and jamming every piece of information in the amazing brain. :D

So long!
Wasn't that a extremely 'well spent' vacation?? ;)

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