Friday, January 7, 2011

A wave of the wand & word of gratitude!

The HP series having ended.. with a totally awesome ending.. I would like to thank each and every Witch/Wizard/Muggle/Squib/Elf/Other magical creatures.. for their contributions!

Harry Potter,

Thanks for remaining so strong and brave when we couldn’t be.

Ron Wealsey,

Thanks for always coming back.

Hermione Granger,

Thanks for having a good heart & forgiving Ron & always being the one to the rescue.

Albus Dumbledore,

Thanks for lighting the way & choosing good over evil. A Headmaster, Hogwarts will never forget.

Fleur Delacour,

Thank you for teaching us that looks don't matter as long as you love each other.

Neville Longbottom,

Thanks for your bravery & loyalty.


Thanks for showing us the value of friendship & standing by Harry till the very end.

Gred & Forge,

Thanks for the memories & for the tears of laughter & fighting till the very end.

Severus Snape,

Thanks for your love & loyalty to Dumbledore and Harry. You are indeed the prince of true love.Thanks for loving Lily and being there for her son. And for the immense risks & sacrifice. Your patronus says it all. A Headmaster, Hogwarts will never forget.

Luna Lovegood,

Thanks for teaching us to be different & to be proud of it & also displaying true friendship.

Draco Malfoy,

Thank you for switching sides when it mattered the most.

Narcissa Malfoy,

Thanks for loving your son more than the power and helping Harry when it mattered the most.

Rubues Hagrid,

Thanks for having a big, loving & caring heart & for your immense loyalty towards Dumbledore.

Remus Lupin,

Thanks for showing us that it does not matter how you look or what you are, and that you still can have a shinning personality & for fighting out even though you were treated as an outcast and inspiring us. And for being a loving husband, father and forgiving Harry. And finally thanks for sacrificing for the best.

Nymphadora Tonks,

Thanks for the 'amusing' metamorphs and bringing in good cheer. And for being a inspiring the 'Auror' in us and for being a good mother & wife.

Lily Evans,

Thanks for making us understand that 'love' is just more than a feeling and for sacrificing yourself for the good of your son and others.

James Potter,

Thanks for a being a loving husband and father & for being the best Marauder ever.

Molly Weasley,

Thanks for being the most loving, concerned mother and wife anyone could ever get & inspiring us the most especially when you fought against Bellatrix over your daughter.

Arthur Weasley,

Thanks for being the best father ever & for your immense loyalty towards Dumbledore & Order of the Phoenix. And being strong despite suffering loses.

Dudley Dursley,

Thanks for revealing the little of love and not being your parents.


Thanks for the food, help and loyalty towards your masters when it mattered.

Dumbledore's Army,

Thanks for standing united and fighting till the very, very end of Voldemort.

Tom Riddle aka Voldemort,

Thanks for making Harry & others what they are now.

Peter Pettigrew,

Thanks for that one moment of hesitation & realization.

Sirius Black,

Thanks for suffering for the sake of your best friends & being the best godfather & Marauder ever. And for breaking the tradition of the Blacks.

Witherwings aka Buckbeak,

Thanks for the rescue from the tower & company given to Sirius.

Rufus Scrimgeour,

Thanks for being loyal to the good side at your very end.

Augusta Longbottom,

Thanks for being the best & bravest grandmother ever & putting the Death Eaters in their right places.


Thanks for showing us that the lions can always defeat the snake. And for the bravery and valor till the very end.


Thanks for being loyal and supporting Harry till the very end.


Thanks for the brains and loyalty towards Harry & the school.


Thanks for being the best companion Harry got ever get.

Ginny Weasley,

Thanks for standing up to Harry & braving all your brothers. And fighting for everything you love till the very end.

Alastor 'Mad eye' Moody,

Thanks for the constant vigilance & sacrifice on your part.

Minerva Mcgonagall,

Thanks for being loyal towards your house, school & Dumbledore. And for being the best Transfiguration professor ever.

House-elfs & Goblins,

Thanks for fighting for the good side.

Horace Slughorn,

Thanks for not turning out to be a bad Slytherin & fighting till the very end.


Thanks for supporting us throughout Umbridge's reign & for the hilarious moments.

Filius Flitwick,

Thanks for being the best Charms master & showing loyalty towards Hogwarts.


Thanks for fighting for the good side in the end.


Thanks for the loyalty even after getting kicked out of your herd.

Order of the Phoenix,

Thanks for the bravery, loyalty and every other aspect of a warrior while suffering immense loses & fighting till the very end.

Other magical creatures, wizards & witches,

Thanks for taking good over evil & fighting for victory.

And to Jo Rowling,

Thank you for making my childhood the best ever & giving us the inspirations & lessons.

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