Friday, January 7, 2011

What's with the pressure?

What's actually going on in schools and at homes?? Why are the students being tormented throughout the year? Why is there a swirl of suicidal thoughts in the obfuscated minds?It's all the pressure.. stress.. pressure.. Teachers and parents role in the pressure.

Teachers often threaten students with numerous consequences for failing their subject. Trip to the Princi, phone call to parents, humiliation in front of peers, imposition reaching surprising numbers..

Back home, the 2 warriors are always ready at the threshold to know how you fared in your tests and even more ready to lecture you till THEY get exhausted.

Effect on student? Depression sets in. Moodiness. Guilt. All leading to rash thoughts and attempts.

Parents expect a lot from us nowadays. But why can't they just understand that most of us do do our level best in the various fields. Everyone isn't made the same. Everyone's got the most strongest points and most weakest points, all which differ from others. Parents are at great fault when they compare the children with others. Comparing makes them feel worthless. They grow to hate the kids they have been compared with. They consider themselves a burden. Not fit to be a part of the society and that's when they turn to wrong activities.

Yes we understand that during olden times, the kids never got proper education due to lack of money and other problems. We also understand that now we have better facilities and that we should make proper use of it. But pressurising us?? We do do our very best in everything. Though we suck in calculations.. we do well in languages. The language marks make up for our abysmal math marks.

Why don't parents just try to understand that our career choice is OUR own choice? And that they shouldn't be interfering at all in the subjects and paths we choose?Engineers and Doctors is all what parents can think of making us? Just because of its high earning position in society? What's so wrong in being a photographer or a journalist or even a cartoonist? On being forced to select according to the parents choice.. the child firstly, lacking interest in that field will NEVER do well in it. Secondly, you are stealing his only chance to pursue the career of his choice. Thirdly, his happiness is extinguished.

So the question still remains.. WHY?? Don't they want us to be happy? Earn good and work with dedication? Why are scores so important? You have a wide range of choices you can make. It's your will. It's your life. It's about your happiness. Choose the right path. Don't let dejection form a barrier to your road of success. Everyone's excellent in a certain field. You know you are good in something and you also know you aren't so very good in the other. So don't let the lectures you heard let you down just because you aren't interested in something that someone else is interested in.

Keep the faith. Believe in your strongest points. And pursue for the RIGHT path. It's YOUR choice.


  1. The pain is vividly conveyed and points mentioned valid, sadly so. but complaining isn't enogh. Teachers are hard-pressed to bring in results - evidence of the effort they put in. Parents are not aware of the opportunities for different talents in the present day. Their life taught them that a professional course = secure future. Both think that the child may not be using time effectively. If the child proves that she is regular in studies, they wouldn't trouble her so much despite low scores. As for career choices, if one is really serios about it, she could make a definite plan and talk to her parents to make them aware of it.Many students spend hours chatting or on networking sites, which is wasteful and causes worry to parents and teachers. Many have only a vague idea of what they want in their future.

  2. Yes ma'am. When I got to hear so many of my peers, including the top rank-takers complain about parental pressure and their depressed thoughts, it brought out this note.
    I totally agree with professional course = secure future. But even when the child does discuss with parents about their future, they are adamant to let the child study something different from their choice. For example, upon asking what the 12th batch of G.I.S of 2010-11 is going for, most of them were like they have no choice but go for medical or engineering. Someone has a vivid interest in music and would like to make a living out of it rather than going for engineering but parents give a firm 'no'.
    Parents do have the right to see what's right and wrong for us, but I wish, career wise they would let us choose our way. We are going to live our life and (God forbid) face the consequences.

  3. I agree with you. Having had personal experience in the matter I think that rather than forcing teens to conform and study mindlessly, a lot more room should be given to individuality and passion. I think the main problem is that parents have difficulty with accepting the fact that we are old enough to make our own decisions. Anyway, nicely written. You've perfectly put what many were thinking into words.

  4. I agree with you .
    Thank you :)