Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Power Cuts : A survival guide

"Anybody who has spent a summer in Kuwait, knows to expect sporadic and unanticipated power outages. They usually come during the hottest part of the day and at most inconvenient times. It is usually too hot to go outdoors and you are usually too tired to go to a mall. I have a few solutions to keep cool and entertained during these excruciating periods.
Firstly, always keep your mobiles and laptops fully charged. They will provide you with a few hours of entertainment. You can use your mobile to complain to your friends and family about how you have no electricity and how bored you are.You can watch a movie on your fully charged laptop until the power finally comes back
Ofcourse the onlty thing worse than the boredom is the heat. The house or apartment gradually heats up until the inside of the your room is hotter than outside. I have simple solution to this problem;simply lay stomach side down on your hardwood floors. The buildings in Kuwait are mostly made of concrete and they retain the cold for much longer. Laying completely still on the floor will keep you cool and calm you down.
If sticking your face on a dusty floor is not your cup of tea, you can stay cool by sticking your head in the fridge or freezer for half an hour. Doing an inventory of your refrigerator during a power outage is great, you can soak up the last bit of cold air as you throw out anything that has past its use-by date.
If the power cut persists for more than a few hours, you can stay cool by filling your bath tub with room temperature water and dropping in some ice cubes.Then you can 'swim' in the tub until the AC starts up again.
But I guess we should not complain too much; afew months ago we were wishing for some heat to warm us during the cold,dry Kuwait winter nights. Now that we have it, we should take advantage."

(This article was written by Sawsan K of the Kuwait Times.I liked it and wished to share it with those who haven't read it.)


  1. thnx for the tips..
    complaning to ur friends' dat was cool :P . i wanna add another. Pour water on ur bed..or on urself ..when the water will come in contact with the heat..it will cool u down! it works brilliantly..the only prob ur mom will ask u to behave like a civilized :P

  2. hehe yea right...but we do that sometime in school..and err..get those"disgusting children" looks..:D