Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ways To Beat The Heat..

(silly,practical,funny,useful,thought-provoking or absolutely ridiculous)

It's the kind of forecast the elicits gasps. Groans. Triple digits and bright yellow suns march in a line across your television screen. The weather guy chuckles, then swears it's not his fault.
It's hot and miserable. Time to think of some ways to keep cool.
Here are a few ideas, from useful to wacky. One for each degree on that blasted thermometer:
  1. Run in the sprinkler.
  2. Freeze your sheets. Just before bedtime, make your bed, jump in and ...ahhh.
  3. See a movie.
  4. Go ice-skating.
  5. Head to a swimming pool.
  6. Wash the car.
  7. Turn off the stove. Opt for salads or gazpacho.
  8. Freeze a damp washcloth or bandanna and wear it around your neck.
  9. Carry a parasol or light-coloured umbrella so you'll have shade wherever your go.
  10. Have a water balloon fight.
  11. Take a walk through the mall.
  12. Use your hot tub as cool pool. Turn off the heat in summer and take a cool dip.
  13. Drink lots of water.
  14. Spray water on your body. Stand in front of fan blowing at the highest setting. Repeat.
  15. Think cool. Mind over matter does help.
  16. Go barefoot.
  17. Fill a kiddie pool- or your bathtub - with water. Throw in a bunch of ice cubes. Try to pick them up with your feet.
  18. Move slowly.
  19. Close blinds or curtains on windows that let in midday sun.
  20. Sounds cruel, but keep your sweaty kid(s) at arm's length.
  21. Play christmas songs.
  22. Bob for apples.
  23. Splash in a public fountain.(At your own risk,ofcourse!)
  24. Eat spicy food. It makes you sweat and cools you down.
  25. Stick your heas in the freezer case at a local grocery or convenience store.
  26. Take a drive - a looong drive - to somewhere you have always meant to go. The air conditioning will make it worth your while.
  27. Make homemade ice cream.
  28. Put a frozen cabbage leaf under your cap.
  29. Drink coffee. Your body will respond by cooling itself.
  30. Make Kool-Aid Popsicles.
  31. Play catch with water balloons.
  32. Dress in breathable, cotton fabrics.
  33. Chase down the ice cream man.
  34. Dip your hat or socks in water before heading out. The water will evaporate in no time but will leave you feeling cooler.
  35. Embrace an indoor hobby, like scrapbooking or quilting.
  36. Find the coolest beauty saloons in town. Make an appointment. Ask for the works. Be every picky.
  37. Hangout in the basement.
  38. Sleep on the roof.
  39. Make lemonade.
  40. Carve a watermelon.
  41. Watch a documentary about polar bears or penguins.
  42. Soak in your tub-cool water,please- with a melon facial and cool aromatic suds or salts.
  43. Browse a bookstore.
  44. Freeze grapes and eat 'em.
  45. Pull your hair up off your neck.
  46. Go for a pixie cut.
  47. One word : Frappuccino.
  48. Two words : Italian ice.
  49. Three words : Shaken, not stirred.
  50. Four words : Banana Cream Pie Blizzard.
  51. Five words : Chocolate Sundae from Baskin-Robbins.
  52. Go to a library.
  53. Buy a grass skirt at a party store.
  54. Organize your flip-flop collection.
  55. Paint your toenails.
  56. Grab a handful of ice-cubes and put them on a hot sidewalk. Take bets on which one will melt first.
  57. Add fresh lemon or lime wedges to every cold drink.
  58. Shop for new sandals. They're on sale now.
  59. You know that big air vent at Wal-Mart? Stand under it.
  60. Deep clean your fridge or freezer.
  61. Find shade.
  62. Fill a spritzer bottle with water and some colorful plastic ice cubes. Mist yourself whenever you need a little relief. (The colors will help brighten your mood, too)
  63. Try water skiing.
  64. Rent a cool movie like "Ice age " or "Dr.Zhivago".
  65. Throw ice down the back of your shirt (or someone else's!)
  66. Nap under a fan.
  67. Change your AC filter.
  68. Wear a hat.
  69. Get yourself one of those handheld battery-powered fans.
  70. Pack up and head to Colorado.
  71. Avoid housework.(If this kind of heat isn't excuse , what it?)
  72. Put Desitin on your nose and pretend you're a lifeguard.
  73. Play splash tag.(Players run from "It" who tries to tag them by throwing a wet sponge. Once tagged,that person becomes the new "It".)
  74. Shave your head.
  75. Check out travel brochures for a cruise to Iceland.
  76. Be glad your not working on a road crew.
  77. If you're working on a road-crew, be glad you're not in the desert.
  78. Rent a convertible.
  79. Hot enough to fry an egg? Try it on the sidewalk in front of your neighbor's house!!
  80. Turn urself in; cool your heels in jail.
  81. Sing, with feeling,"In the Cool,Cool,Cool of the evening.
  82. Dream of cooler days.

(Hey,give the frown a rest.This is not my stuff...copied it from somewhere!! So,chill off..!!)

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