Sunday, July 5, 2009

Death follows a history?

The newspapers have been filled with Jackson's life history,his songs,his wives etc..
While reading all that,it struck me odd that everytime a famous person dies,the deceased's history will appear in newspapers , ranging from the time the person peed in a wastepaper basket to the time when he got involved in a hit and run crime and landed in the prison.
When he was alive,we didn't get to know some facts,but as soon as his soul departed to the other world,people brought out more about his life.
When HH Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah passed away(May his soul rest in peace),the newspapers were filled with his childhood photos to the photos taken when he was crowned the king.When people are alive,we criticise their songs or acting skills,but when they have gone we mourn,we bring out their good qualities,love their songs etc.Couldn't we have done this when the person had been alive,shown the person that his work is appreciated.Let's not wait for the person to die and then enjoy their songs.

In the July 3,Friday Times,it was reported that a Jackson lookalike was assaulted by three unindentified men,when he was copying some of Jackson's dance moves and playing his songs in a mall.The assaulters left the scene saying,"We got rid of the real Jackson and we don't want him back again."


  1. yes ur ryt... MJ passed away and 10 new communities came up...! its weird bt thn maybe its coz that people realise ur value only when ur gone. :) ..MJ's life was controversial and so is his death... bt his music is certainly nt! who knws what he did..whether he did what he was accused lets nt have an opinion on dat cz we may never knw the truth...lets jst remember him for his music :) ...RIP MJ..