Sunday, July 26, 2009


We are now in the 21st century,the world around us has changed. New technologies have been introduced. More resource consumption is taking place due to increase in the population.
Look around yourself...or rather at yourself .How many times have you -- scribbled a few lines on a paper and then crumpled it and zooomm...thrown it into the bin? Kept the lights on unnecessarily? Kept the tap open while brushing or doing the dishes? HOW MANY TIMES??
Did you ever give it a thought that these careless actions of yours will one day lead to disaster?
No, I don't think you have. Atleast majority of people don't think they are supposed to save the resources.
Now what are resources?
A resource is anything that has value and utility. They categorized into different groups that range from natural to man-made resources. For instances, the water you drink;the paper you write on; and even the technology you are using to read this, is considered a resource.
Why should we save resources?
We should save them for our future use...for the use of the future generations. If we use up all the resources now, what will be left for the future generations???
People ( yes, that includes me too) waste things without giving it much thought. Fuel is a non-renewable resource which is on the brink of getting exhausted. It takes millions of years for the fuel to get renewed again. If we overuse it now...what will we do later ?
Trees are being cut down to accomadate the growing population. Water to is being polluted and wasted. Many places in India are now facing water scarcity because of this. The increased number of vehicles and factories pollute the air which in turn causes global warming.
The ice in the polar regions melts and the ocean level rises which submerges the low-lying coastal areas. The polar region ice is melting faster now. The ozone layer has holes in it because of the chemicals in the air and the UV rays of sun come in which results in the global warming.
Even if you don't care about the future , atleast stop and think about those poor innocent animals , who are suffering because of our actions...

Preventation of wastages and overuse is possible!!
Here are some ways-
  • Walk or cycle instead of using your car (It will get off all that extra fat..:P) . Carpool or take a bus for long journeys.
  • Switch of the lights and fans when not in use.Try to do all the reading and writing part in the morning so that you don't have to use your lamp at night.
  • Turn off the engine at the red lights or places where you have to wait.
  • Use both sides of paper.
  • Remember the 3 R's - Reuse, Recyle and Reduce.
  • Don't waste water.Keep taps closed while brushing. Use a damp cloth to wash your car instead of hosing it down. Fix your leaking tap TODAY!
  • Last but not the least, spread this message to everyone you know. Make them AWARE...

One small action on your part can make a huge difference...


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